Our Marketplace

  • Since 2013, the sector has experienced a constant recovery in terms of turnover with a CAGR of over 5%, while 2016 saw strong growth of c.8% and a positive trend is expected past 2017 (+ 6%) and through 2018.
  • The Management Consulting sector remains highly concentrated with a clear predominance of large companies where the 35 largest companies represent 52% of the market.
  • Sector growth is mainly driven by consultancy services linked to digitization and functional areas. The weight of consultancy dedicated to the tertiary sector remains strong, with a 55% share of total turnover, while consultancy services in the manufacturing sector grows proportionally more than the market average with a 35% share.
  • Overall, Management Consulting has undergone considerable development in the years up to 2008, when it was hit by a crisis that radically changed its characteristics, driving companies to restructure and reposition themselves.
  • Despite positive trends, suggesting an upturn in the management consulting market there is a need to embrace changes in how clients and potential clients approach consulting services.
  • Poliedros was created precisely to respond to the new needs of customers with a more direct, targeted approach – providing innovative solutions for immediate implementation to deliver concrete, quantifiable results.


Our solutions have been adopted in the following sectors:

  • Airports
  • Category and Geographic Associations
  • Automotive
  • Biomedical
  • Cement and Building materials
  • Chemicals / Pharmaceuticals
  • Consumer / Consumer Goods
  • Renewables
  • Finance
  • Tobacco
  • Tertiary and Services.