Our Frame of Reference

Poliedros was created to respond to the needs of customers with a direct, targeted approach providing innovative solutions for immediate implementation to deliver concrete quantifiable results.

Our proprietary approach allows us to develop customized solutions delivering measurable value to the customer experience. Companies across the manufacturing, services, tertiary and non-profit sectors can benefit from our KIBS solutions (Knowledge Intensive Business Services).

Leveraging the wealth of experience and expertise of our team of professionals who all share our philosophy, we guarantee to address customer needs and develop effective solutions in a timely, flexible and adaptive manner.

2020 has seen a systemic business disruption that has undermined traditional business models necessitating a programme of reconstruction and revitalisation. Poliedros is committed to developing a new business paradigm engendered by the need for social distancing and remote working, concentrating on areas of efficiency, quality of execution and organisation of new operating methods.


Our solutions have been adopted in the following sectors:

  • Airports
  • Category and Geographic Associations
  • Automotive
  • Biomedical
  • Cement and Building materials
  • Chemicals / Pharmaceuticals
  • Consumer / Consumer Goods
  • Renewables
  • Finance
  • Tobacco
  • Tertiary and Services.