About Us

Poliedros was founded to address the many organizational challenges facing SMEs, who account for 90 % of italian socio economic assets. Challenges engendered by limited financial and management resources.

We believe that the fundamental lever for building and consolidating business success results from process efficiency using suitable methodologies and the development of key skills.

How We Work

Our mission is to guide companies in evaluating strategic choices and develop the most appropriate solutions to address growth opportunities, re-organization and change management needs.

By adapting our approach and style to specific customer requirements, we develop bespoke targeted solutions for rapid implementation to deliver tangible, quantifiable results.

We are known for:

  • disciplined approach to understanding and evaluating client briefs
  • development of cohesive needs-based solutions
  • delivering the highest quality output, combined with subsequent on-going assistance in evaluating ROI via specific follow-up sessions